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Parsons have been trading in Sherborne for over 150 years, serving the needs of our local audience and adapting to changing trends. Today we are proud of our great range of locally sourced, traceable produce, stocking traditional butchery fayre of the highest standards as well as catering for the increasingly popular trend for artisan foods. By buying from local farms and suppliers, we are supporting the local economy, ensuring environmental responsibility and bringing you fresh, great tasting fayre for your table!


Our popular range of homemade Sausages in a range of flavours:

Pork & Apple, Pork& Mustard, Old English, Cumberland, Venison.

Our own 'Sherborne Sausage' range is made to a closely-guarded secret recipe!

Pork & Apple Burgers, Beef Burgers (both made to order), home made Faggots and Pork Pies.

Free range Chicken, sourced locally from farms in Crediton and Longport.

Local Venison and Seasonal Game:

Pheasants (1st Oct - 1st Feb), Grouse (12th Aug - 31st Jan), Partridge (1st Sep - 1st Feb)

and Mallard (1st Sept - 31st Jan).

Locally farmed Beef, Mutton and Lamb.

Macsweens award-winning Haggis from Edinburgh.

Eggs, including Duck & Quail Eggs.

A great selection of cheeses, butter and Rose Farm Preserves from Somerset.

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